About Us


Coleman & Coleman is a certified public accounting firm committed to meeting its clients' financial objectives. Because our success is a direct function of the success of our clients, we encourage the development of a "partnership" relationship with each of the individuals and small businesses we serve. This requires us to be sensitive to specific needs, creative about alternatives for meeting those needs, discreet with respect to privileged client information, and responsive and effective in helping implement sound financial decisions.

Coleman & Coleman promotes this partnership relationship with each client, because we are in business to help individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals. We are financial advisors, not just accounting technicians. Such an approach ensures that clients receive more result-oriented services in tax, accounting, financial planning and business consultation.

Working together as partners with our clients assures them of highly personalized attention, open communication, trust, and objectivity in the mutual determination of effective financial strategies. These elements of partnership have proven essential to Coleman & Coleman's ability to provide result-oriented services. And this ability, in turn, has proven essential to helping our clients' financial stability and growth.


The history behind Coleman & Coleman's expertise includes a cumulative total of more than fifty years in the public accounting business. With this background, we know how to be responsive to clients' needs. With our experience, we know what individuals and small businesses expect from CPA's, how to pinpoint their particular financial problems, and how to provide effective and cost-efficient services specifically developed to meeting their financial objectives.

Our membership in a variety of professional organizations and our active participation in continuing education programs make Coleman & Coleman an excellent resource for advice on the ever changing laws and issues that regularly affect our clients. In addition, our present clients come from a variety of professions and industries. This flexibility makes us very capable in understanding and meeting a broad range of individuals' and small business owners' unique concerns.